The Main Benefits of Satin Frosted Glass

What is Satin Frosted Glass?

Today, many variants of glass are used for a multitude of reasons. More specifically, satin frosted glass from the likes of Express Toughening is a constant occurrence in the likes of office buildings, public areas and even our own homes. This form of glass is designed to appear cloudy whilst still being ever so slightly transparent, giving off a superb effect that is found to be beneficial for numerous reasons.

What Are the Benefits?

With this type of glass available on the open market, businesses and individuals will tend to invest in it for various reasons, such as:

Privacy – Satin glass can be found to be used in the likes of toilets, shower doors and office walls. Why? Because of the amount of visual privacy it provides. Whilst still allowing slight imagery and light to pass through it, satin frosted glass ultimately hides whatever is behind it. This gives peace of mind, also adding a new sense of décor to an office or home by replacing the likes of curtains and blinds.

Bespoke –As satin frosted glass is not crafted through machinery, instead being created through a workforce, it can be designed in any manner you wish. This gives you a chance to make your satin glass much more unique and bespoke to your own individual requirements.

Less Glare – The irritating factor of normal glass is sun glare effecting your vision. Thankfully, sun glare is not an issue when it comes to satin frosted glass. Satin frosted glass lessens the effect of sun glare whilst still allowing natural light to partially pass through. This helps in making this form of glass appealing to the likes of office buildings due to less chance of visual irritation whilst working.

Décor – As already touched upon, satin frosted glass can be used to create a new sense of décor in the workplace or within your home. More specifically, in your home this type of glass can be used in cabinet doors, shower screens and tables. This gives a more stylised appearance in your home that stands out due to the non-standard appearance. An added bonus of frosted glass that Express Toughening manufacture happens to be that it does not smudge with the likes of fingerprints and dirt due it’s satin surface.

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