Protecting your home with our range of Yale locks

Looking to protect your property against theft? Home security is something that can easily be overlooked – especially when there are so many distractions in everyday life.

LockShop Direct can help you to keep your home secure on the inside and outside with Yale locks. Yale is one of the most recognised security brands in the UK and has looked after homes – and the contents inside them – for more than a century.

Leaving doors unlocked, windows open and spare keys under the doormat makes a criminals job easy. Opportunistic criminals are constantly looking for a way to gain access to your property without forcing entry – but LockShop Direct can help you to protect your home with Yale locks.

Purchase high-security door locks

Your front door is the first thing that criminals will see. Keeping your door locked will prevent them from letting themselves in and intruding. But investing in high-security Yale door locks will protect your home even more.

The door locks within the Yale range are designed to be convenient – offering the appropriate level of defence and suiting your budget requirements.

When did you last update your door locks? If it’s longer than you care to remember, consider installing Yale door locks to make sure that your door cannot be opened by burglars.

Install digital door locks

If you’re looking for a lock that incorporates the latest door locking technology, the Yale digital door locks or smart door lockis ideal. They can be opened using a digital code, fingerprint or smart card.

As a simple solution for accessing your property – without needing a key – the digital locks are guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your door.

Yale digital door locks allow you to keep valuables under lock and key and provide you with more control.

Replace window locks

Don’t forget to update your window locks! When securing your home, it can be almost too easy to forget about the windows, however, these are equally as important as the doors.

Windows that are vulnerable require additional security which is why Yale window locks are recommended.

To stop burglars climbing through a window that’s left open, use window locks to secure the frames together and make it difficult for them to force open.

All LockShopDirect’sYale window locks are easy to use. You simply need to use the key to lock or unlock it and turn the handle. In addition to this, window locks are supplied with the appropriate fixings and screws, making installation easier for you.

Need to know more about how Yale locks can protect your home? Get in touch with the team at LockShop Direct who are always on hand to help by calling 0845 830 0832 today.