The modern family is likely to include members from different continents, as well as time zones.  Getting everyone together for holidays takes on new importance when you’re ready to show off the new upgrades you’ve made to your home.  Whether there’s a new leaf on the family tree or Dad’s away serving in the military or Aunt Jean’s imbedded in political upheaval that has drawn the attention of the international  community, when it’s time for everyone to gather back in Los Angeles, you can count on the superb service of Emirates Airline to get you there.   They boast an on-time record that’s the envy of the business, and offer the most comfortable accommodations aboard their flights so you arrive on time refreshed, ready to take on your next assignment, or report on the outcome of your last.

They offer special fares to some of the world’s most glamorous destinations to ever hit a bucket list.  For many, taking an Emirates flight, is a reason to check off a bucket list accomplishment all by itself.  After all, many dream of taking a luxurious flight to Dubai, Asia or Milan but few ever accomplish it.  However, those in the know choose to use a Groupon to make that dream a reality.  When you apply a money saving Groupon to the purchase of your fare, you can instantly save as much as $200 off a business class seat, and even more when you book certain flights – and there are plenty to choose from.  They now offer daily flights from Los Angeles and Seattle to India, and you can apply a Groupon that will save you 8{571cf6217e93e50337398185b34f40b11d8a54df24a3da2ec1c1635ee78eb7ee} with a qualifying purchase.

Your modern family will love the old-fashioned gathering that the holidays bring.  Whether you’re getting ready to welcome new relations, or hang out with tried and true friends, if travel is part of the plan, make sure they know to check Emirates Airlines first, and use a Groupon when they do.  Don’t let them miss international flights that start as low as $599.  With fares that reasonable, you can give the gift of travel this year, whether it’s for yourself or someone else.  Just be sure your modern family saves some old-fashioned dough.